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An answer to the financial crisis in South Africa


We are in the midst of a massive financial crisis in South Africa, and if not addressed, could cause our economy to spiral down the tubes.


We are in the midst of a massive financial crisis in South Africa, and if not addressed, could cause our economy to spiral down the tubes.
The reality is that only about 7% of South Africans will retire financially independent. In other words, earning enough money to survive without relying on someone else to fend for them.  Imagine this for a second: only 7 out of 100 people in a room containing the average group of South Africans will have enough money to live of the day they retire. This places a lot of stress on organisations, individual care takers and the government to look after the remaining 93%.

Another scary fact is that more than 45% of credit users are 3 or more payments behind. This means that nearly half of credit users in South africa are so far in debt that they will probably never be able to recover.

But why is this happening?

Whether you are in school, university, or have a PhD in Nuclear Physics, the chances are that no one has ever taught you how to manage your personal finances. As consumers, we enter the world of work and are expected to use financial products and services without being taught how. We strive to become financially independent, yet we don’t know how to save, how to use credit responsibly, nor how to manage our debt and create debt repayment plans.  We are hardly set financial goals, and when we do the chances are not in our favour to reach them. We don’t create budgets that work, not to even mention automate our finances.
We use financial products we don’t understand and live lifestyles we often cannot afford. The moment something small goes wrong and a financial emergency knocks on our front door, it all comes crashing down.
To address and hopefully diminish this massive skills shortage faced by South Africans, we have created a series of financial literacy courses that focus on solving this issue by harnessing 10 years of experience and research in consumer financial behaviour and financial modelling.
The Besmarta financial literacy series  consists of 4 courses of about 5 hours of life changing material, in text, video and audio format.
We teach learners about key financial concepts focussed on empowering them to optimially manage their personal finances, make more responsible financial decisions and understand the mechanisms behind credit to empower them to grow financially.  We teach them how to automate their finances, manage their debt, create budgets and debt repayment plans that work, and ultimately how to manage their expenses to increase their savings and net worth.  Most importantly, we teach them the importance of financial accountability and how to set SMARTA, tangible financial goals using the SMARTA goal setting methodology.
The content is hosted on the award winning Digemy Knowledge partner, which is a learning system like no other in the world. The platform is designed to test the knowledge of the learner before they start learning, and then create unique learning curves for every learner based on their knowledge, not progress. This means, we don’t just push information, but ensure that the information is translated into knowledge that be applied by the learner while decreasing the average time spent learning. All a learner has to do is log onto the platform and spend 10 minutes everyday answering questions and revising the content available for that day. Learners also compete against each other on a gamified leaderboard by earning badges and points, which can then translate into physical rewards and cash prizes. And what is great, is the value generated by applying the financial tips and tricks in the content will by far outweigh the cost of the courses, making it an invaluable investment.