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BeSmarta for Enterprise

Two major concerns for the South African economy are:

  • Low savings rate
  • High credit default rates

Consumers are saving less and taking on too much credit. They are unable to manage the vicious cycle of debt. As their default rate increases, so do their interest rates and individual credit risk.

The BeSmarta Personal Finance series is tailored to empower consumers to change the way they think about money. It teaches the skills needed to master personal finance and decrease the likelihood of defaulting on credit products. It shows how to build savings and move more quickly to financial independence

Does this have an impact on your organisation?

Yes! 100%

The health of your employees’ personal finances directly affects their:







Why is financial education important for your organisation?

Financial wellness is one of the most important, and often most neglected, areas of employee wellness. Employees step into the world of work without being taught how to manage their personal finances. From the moment they earn their first salary, they are offered financial products. They do not know how to manage their monthly expenses and obligations. They often spiral into financial difficulty. 

How could BeSmarta Enterprise work for you?

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How does this affect their work?

Financial stress robs employees of their productivity and peace of mind. It causes high levels of stress. This increases sleeplessness, depression and anxiety. They spend time at work thinking about their financial struggles, and often miss work because of financial emergencies.


You have the power in your hands.

By empowering and supporting your employees to become financially literate, you decrease the risk that they will fall into financial difficulty. Increase engagement and loyalty by giving them the right tools to manage their personal finances. This will have a positive effect on their productivity and personal wellness.


The benefit lies with you.

Financial wellness boosts employees’ confidence and empowers them to make better decisions. The course contributes to their understanding of finances in general. This has a positive influence on the way they work and engage with their managers and colleagues.

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We are absolutely certain that we can make a significant, measurable impact on your organisation.

Reinvent the way you educate your employees.

Begin with their financial health.